How Painkillers works ?

Lets understand with a simple example..

Suppose your office  (your body) is near your home(your mind)  and a signal wire is connected between your office and home (with a ringing bell-Pain).Whenever there is any misshapen in your office ,Home bell start ringing (signal come from office via wire) and you come to know that there is something wrong in your office and you take necessary action to fix it ..
Home bell (when it ring) make you very disturb so you hire a man name Peter(pain killer) to attend the problem when home bell rings.

Now please understand…

Now if again there is any problem occurs in your office and signal travel via wire to your home,You send Peter to resolve the issue in office ,but peter is unable to fix the problem so Peter , temporary cut  the signal wire ,result is that home bell stop ringing and the (owner )you thinks that problem is resolved ,Next time peter do the same process and you the owner thinks that problem has resolved …But actually problem in office, is continuously there and in increasing mode, you the owner just not getting the signal of problem(pain) due to the Peter.

Now what will be the possible solution..

You have to find-out the real reason of problem in office ,study there,talk to office employee,Concentrate there,check any law or instruction which they hate or something like that ..You just have to find  out the problem and fix it…..If there is problem ,there is solution….Focus focus, hire expert or you have to find out problem..
If Air condition system is creating problem in your office you can easily change and fix it (usually in small physical problem we can easily fix it…)If your own  5-6 employees creating problem in hidden way (silently ) and disturbing the atmosphere is office .

(usually known as autoimmune disease when own system attacking own cell)…You  the owner just have to observe them and ask them what they want and ask about their problem . Resolve their problem ,this must be the real solution .
To cut the signal wire is not solution in fact it will make your problem big.

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