Secret of Healing…

Yes you read right .

now come to the point direct …

Just make a list of the person in your life whom you are very angry or were angry 

(till date, you have not forgive them for their bad behaviour or bad act or something like this ,hope you got my point) in the  last 5 or 10 years or when your disease about to start..

List should be on priority basis mean put the person on top whom you hate most or any person who hurt your emotion (at highest intensity) and you have not forget that person or scenerio.

You have to do some exercise to complete the list..


You have to forgive those person  from bottom of your heart .You have to  forgive them not because they are right but because you have to be healthy again your health is utmost important for you.

 Find the reason to forgive them .(I understand that it is not so easy but we have to do this because you can get every happiness throught this body ,healthy life is utmost important ).

If there were your mistake ,accept your mistake and move forward in your life. your past has past now don’t carry that negative energy or negative seed in your mind/body.

See when you angry with some one with high intensity it will create a negative seed or energy in your subconcious mind and so  body and it will remain in your body untill you pick that and throw outside ..(that negative seed is the main source or cause of disease .

(Negative seed is invisible it is not physical but the impact of this negative seed show on your body in the form of disease )

If you forget that person or scenerio but your subconcious mind never forget that and that negative seed continuously produce negative energy and block the channel of positive energy in your body that is why people are suffering  for long time .

(think once initially you were complete healthy .Your  whole body system works properly but after some time your system shows error it mean there is something wrong happen with your system )

In short forgive them whole heartily  and move your step towards healthy life…

God bless.

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